Beholden. That’s how you say the Anthropologie’s new wedding shop. And let me tell you that this dainty and chic wedding shop is here to stay. BHLDN specializes in beautiful wedding gowns, stylish jewelry and accessories and even wedding decorations now!

Because BHLDN’s mother store is Anthropologie, it wasn’t too surprising to see that BHLDN’s bridesmaid dresses are cute and fresh takes on classic silhouettes! So, brides, even though it is you and your husband’s special day, consider what your bridesmaids would be comfortable (and cute) in and let them have a voice in what they wear! I love how BHLDN has taken their dresses and accessorized their models so they had both a wedding day look and a more casual day look.

Too cute, right?? My favorite is the cream-colored For Esmé Dress. LOVE it!

…and they lived happily ever after.

❤ Lauren



Braedon Photography.

I’ve loved Braedon Photography since who knows when. His style is natural and so easy going. You can’t help but want to be the person he is taking pictures of. His engagement photos are to die for and his wedding ones are, well, simply amazing.

I’ve put together a few of his beautiful photos from one of my favorite weddings on here, but make sure to check out his as equally beautiful blog here.

P.S. He travels all over! So even if you live in Virginia or Nevada, Maine or New Mexico, he could be there for your wedding day!

January 18, 2011 — Ian + Emily :: A Stylish Ranch Wedding

Too Perfect. Too Beautiful. Too Romantic and Fun.

I love these and Braedon Photography…

…and they lived happily ever after.

❤ Lauren

The sweet life.


It’s camping that’s glamorous. Can you say oxymoron? At first I did… But after researching it, I found that it also happens to be one of the weirdest perfect combinations ever. While I was doing homework this week (hence the lack of posts lately!), I had the TV on to keep me company. I couldn’t help but look up when I saw a crisp white wedding dress on the screen. It was a commercial about a newly married husband and wife heading off to their honeymoon in a Subaru only to end up at a beautiful campsite in the countryside. It was too perfect.

(Check the Subaru commercial out below!)

I know that many of you are thinking that camping is far from romantic and relaxing. And the fact is that for some it may be just that. But for outdoor-loving adventurous couples, glamping is the perfect combination of whimsy, adventure and relaxation. It takes you out of the hectic world that surrounds you daily and transports you and your bride/groom to a new world. And especially after an emotional wedding day, a relaxing honeymoon is vital.

So, I searched around to find my top 5 glamping sites! Starting from the bottom of my list…

5. Luxury Camping at River Camp

River Camp is one of the best examples of glamping. Who wouldn’t want to be there?!

4. Abercrombie & Kent’s Mobile Camping Safari

Ahhhh. Relaxation = A Happy Couple.

3. Cottar’s 1920’s Safari Camp

Adventurous and romantic!

2. Four Seasons Tented Camp – Thailand

I absolutely adore the view available at this Four Season’s Golden Triangle glampsite!


1. Tandara Glamping – Sydney

Yes, yes, yes. Now this is luxury camping. Beautiful, chic, adventurous and relaxing…

Now, see what I mean by one of the weirdest perfect combinations ever?! So, which one is your favorite?

…and they lived happily ever after.

Lauren ❤

The fairest of them all.


Happy Friday, everyone! Now, the question is what bride doesn’t want to be beautiful on their wedding day?! And the fact is that every bride does! But one of the most common problems I see coming between a bride and her dreams is . . . the BUDGET.

Before anyone cues the sympathy music, I have a suggestion for you, budget-conscious brides, to remember when looking for that extra hair accesory to make you even that more beautiful for your husband-to-be and everyone attending.

If you are watching your pockets, Etsy, an online marketplace focused on handmade goods, has a great wedding section!

And if you aren’t a budget-conscious bride, I would recommend an online accessory store called Untamed Petals. Their bridal accessories are beyond adorable!

Both websites are perfect for modern brides looking for a classic twist, so I’ve matched up the following goods to compare the price differences!

Left: Etsy’s Greek Goddess Silvery Headband – Price: $15

Right: Untamed Petal’s Embellished Velvet Leaf Headband – Price: $135

Left: Untamed Petal’s Mini Embellished Lace Flower – Price: $145

Right: Etsy’s Ivory Bridal Wedding Flower Clip – Price: $24

Left: Untamed Petal’s Garden Flower Headband – Price: $215

Right & Middle: Etsy’s Grace Champagne Ivory Peony Hair Flower – Price: $30

Left: Etsy’s Simone Crystal Headband – Price: $80

Right: Untamed Petal’s Mini Oval Chain Headband – Price: $145

Left: Untamed Petal’s Mini Embellished Silk Rose – Price: $155

Right: Etsy’s White Velvety Rose with White Feathers – Price: $46

Left: Etsy’s Ivory Lace Headband – Price: $30

Right: Untamed Petal’s Vintage Lace Headband – Price: $52

Keep in mind that Etsy is a marketplace and goods go fast, especially if they’re a great steal! With Untamed Petals, you might not have to worry so much about that. Just have fun and remember to keep your budget in mind at all times! Starting a marriage on a tight budget because you spent too much putting together the wedding is never a good idea!

…and they lived happily ever after.

❤ Lauren

The happiest place on earth.


That’s all I need to say. It is the happiest place on earth where dreams really do come true… And as a true Disney fan, I find engagement photos taken there to be more than simply adorable, but light-hearted and fun.

For Maggie and Alex, Disneyland created the perfect backdrop for their engagement photos taken by Los Angeles wedding photographer Chelsea Elizabeth!

Engagement photos not only perserve pre-wedding memories, but allow the couple to get familiar with their photographer and try different looks out before the wedding. After all, brides, I know you don’t want your future husband looking too goofy in your wedding pictures! So, guys put on your best smile and love your girl with all of your heart. I promise you that it will truly make her happy!

Here are a few of Maggie and Alex’s Disneyland engagement photos. You can check out more of their great photos here!

…and they lived happily ever after.

❤ Lauren