Paleo 3 Berry Sorbet Recipe

Seriously Fresh & Seriously Yummy!


Great summer treat too!

Blair and I have been trying to gradually switch our eating style over to Paleo – a.k.a. primal, caveman diet, no grain. So far it’s  been an amazing lifestyle change and one that we both have been excited to dive deeper into the more we are on it!

My only complaint right off bat was no sugar. Instantly I thought that meant no more cakes, ice cream, brownies, cookies and so on. The little fatty in me was devastated!

However, the more I read and studied what Paleo is really about, I’ve found that I can still enjoy the natural sweets God has given to us! That’s when I got to experimenting and made my first homemade all natural sorbet! A super yummy treat that cures my sweet tooth, while still being healthy! The steps are below!


  • 4 cups of Berries *I used some fresh and frozen berries I had on hand – strawberries, raspberries and blueberries
  • Water *1/3 for the berry mixture and 1 cup for the simple syrup recipe
  • 1 Cup of Honey

3 berry sherbetSteps:

  • In a small saucepan, combine 1 cup of water and 1 cup of honey to create a natural simple syrup. Mix together on low/medium heat until both are combined, then place in a separate container to cool. *Don’t let it boil!
  • Using either a food processor or blender, mix together the berries and 1/3 cup of water until well blended.
  • Filter out the seeds by placing a sieve into a bowl and pouring the mixture on top of it. *This may require some work to make sure you get all of the juice! I just used a coffee filter to do this job.
  • Add 1 cup of your simple syrup mixture to the berry juice (there should be about 2 cups of that after filtering it). *Play with the amount of simple syrup you add. 1 cup may be too much or too little for your taste!
  • Let the mixture chill for an hour or so.
  • Put into your ice cream maker and get to freezing! *Make sure to follow the instructions for your particular ice cream maker. Mine took 30 minutes to properly chill and set up.
  • Place in an airtight container and keep it in the freezer!

And enjoy!

I’m excited to play with even more versions of this – today I saw a strawberry lime sorbet on Pinterest! Sounds heavenly to me!



Canker Sore Treatments

Canker Sores.


For those of you that have been lucky enough not to have one, this is what Canker Sores look like. Canker Sores are commonly confused for Cold Sores. However, while they are both mouth sores, Canker Sores are not contagious like Cold Sores are and only appear inside the mouth. *Note: do not use any Cold Sore treatments like Abreva on Canker Sores! Again, they are not the same, hence do not use the same treatments.

So this is kind of embarrassing… I’ve never quite done a post like this, but I figure that I might as well pass along the information on treating these little devils since I know I’m not the only person in the world to get them. Currently, I have three Canker Sores. One is on my tongue, another on the side of my mouth and the last one is on my gum line. So my life is pretty miserable at the moment… There is literally no “safety zone” in my mouth. Last night when I ate a Klamata olive I practically punched the wall due to the saltiness hitting all three of them at once. It hurt big time.

I am lucky to say I’m part of the 30-40% of the world that got this gene passed down to me from my parents – being sarcastic of course! Since I was little, I have gotten them. And while I may not have them for a month or so, when I do get one (or two, or three) they always end up being the deep, extremely painful ones that won’t go away until 3 weeks later.

I’ve seen doctors and dentists, on top of doing my own research online, about treating them throughout the years. Below is a list of several different treatments that I’ve found, the pros and cons to them and my personal vote (thumbs up or thumbs down). I hope this helps some out there, so here it goes! (By the way, I do have a favorite so definitely read through till the end!)

1. Hydrogen Peroxide: swish a tablespoon of Hydrogen Peroxide in your mouth for a minute

Pros: you can feel it “cleaning” the sore, whitens teeth

Cons: you have to do it multiple times a day, Hydrogen Peroxide is harsh on teeth enamel causing sensitivity

My vote: Thumbs down – this made my canker sores feel better after the first swish, but I didn’t feel that it really helped treat them.

2. Warm Salt Water: swish a 3:1 warm water and salt ratio around your mouth for a minute or two

Pros: you can feel the “cleaning” sensation, numbs the sores

Cons: it STINGS way too much.

My vote: Thumbs down – the best part of doing this is the numbing you get from it. Other than that, the stinging feels like your are pouring alcohol on a cut. Not worth it for the little amount of treatment it provides.

3. Canker Cover: a naturally medicated patch you place over your Canker Sore to help protect and heal it

Pros: covers the sore making it easier to eat and drink, relieves the pain, lasts for 24 hours, dissolves on its own

Cons: doesn’t cover some sores all the way, starts to peel up after a while, painful to take it off before it dissolves on its own it

My vote: In between – my Canker Sores are often on the longer side so this circular patch doesn’t cover them too well. However, I would imagine that if your Canker Sore is small and a circular shape, the protective cover and pain relieving this patch provides would be extremely helpful.

4. B12 and Folic Acid: take the recommended amount of vitamins the bottle directs you to 

Pros: taking vitamins that are good for you

Cons: unless taken regularly for over a month, you won’t see any benefits

My vote: Thumbs down – two weeks before Blair and I got married, I got a Canker Sore. This was one of the things I tried to desperately get rid of it with. I didn’t notice any change in the Canker Sore. In fact, it probably got even worse…

5. Laser treatments: a dental laser “zaps” your sore

Pros: kills the bateria that hangs out in the Canker Sore to promote healing, doesn’t hurt

Cons: you need to do this as soon as it pops up, need to go to your dentist

My vote: In between – this really does work wonders if you know your body really well and are able to catch your Canker Sore before it gets too bad. This was another treatment I tried to get rid of the sore I had before I got married. Since my dentist at the time knew me very well, he had no problem doing the treatment, but the Canker Sore was way too bad to treat it by the time I got to come in.

6. Silver Nitrate: a medical swab covered in silver nitrate used by a doctor to cauterize the sore

Pros: straight up kills the Canker Sore


My vote: Thumbs down – I almost want to say in between for this one because it does work in healing the sore. However, it is chemically burning the sore which is extremely painful and makes it not worth it. When I had braces and was constantly having my Canker Sores torn back open by them, this treatment was the only way I could force the sores to start healing.

7. Oil Pulling: swish sunflower or sesame oil around your mouth for 15 to 20 minutes

Pros: ehhh….. I didn’t notice anything.

Cons: mouth tastes nasty (and oily), jaw begins to hurt after a while, didn’t relieve the pain, numb it or help treat the sores

My vote: Thumbs down – now maybe if you did this on a daily basis you might notice the prevention of Canker Sores, but the actual treatment of the sores by doing this was nonexistent.

8. Numbing Gels: a gel you place directly on the sore to numb the pain

Pros: relieves the pain

Cons: doesn’t help kill the bacteria that could be in the sore

My vote: In between – just numbs, but helps by giving you a break from the pain to make eating possible

9. Gly-Oxide: swish 20 drops around your mouth for a minute or drop 2-3 drops directly onto the sore for 3 minutes

Pros: you can feel it cleaning, promotes a fast healing, small packaging allows you to take it with you wherever you go

Cons: Can’t think of any…

My vote: Thumbs up!!!! – this is by far my favorite. Two days before the wedding, and being my last resort, I tried Gly-Oxide out and by the time I was putting my wedding dress on, my sore was virtually no more. Thank goodness!!

10. Orajel Antiseptic Mouth Sore Rinse: swish a tablespoon amount around your mouth for a minute

Pros: promotes healing, has a slight numbing ability, taste is appealing unlike many other oral rinses

Cons: Can’t think of any…

My vote: Thumbs up – I don’t love this rinse as much as the Gly-Oxide, but when using this together, I’ve found them to be quite productive in healing my Canker Sores quickly and effectively! P.S. I’ve also heard Colgate’s Peroxyl rinse is quite similar to Orajel’s.

*While I know most of these don’t promise to get rid of the Canker Sores quickly, but rather relieve the pain associated with them, I personally know that relieving the pain plays a huge part in the healing process for me.

Okay, so I know that was a lot, but honestly any information or other personal experiences help when looking into relieving and healing Canker Sores. For me, occasionally I have to switch up my “typical” Canker Sore healing routine and try out some of the other ways again as it seems I’ve become somewhat immune to the Gly-Oxide and Orajel. But for the most part those two are the MVPs of successfully getting rid of a Canker Sore. Best of luck to any of you out there with one and happy healing!


P.S. Give yogurt a try as well! It may not help immediately, but it helps neutralize the PH in your body. While it’s non-medicinal, it still definitely helps! 🙂


What Big Eyelashes You Have!

Okay. Okay.

I’m not going to lie – I do have naturally long eyelashes (thanks to my beautiful mama!), but I’m all for making them even longer and healthier! And with it being the new year, I’ve been trying to stay on top of keeping my skin and hair in good condition before they naturally start going downhill with age.

Like most girls, I love my mascara and liquid eyeliner, but I can tell they definitley take a toll on my lashes. Lost eyelashes are not uncommon for me – and by lost I mean they straight up fall out.

So what do I do to keep them healthy and grow? I rub baby oil on my eyelashes!

Now that might seem weird, but I can tell you that over the past month of doing this religiously before I go to bed that it has worked wonders. I’ve noticed even longer and thicker lashes, less lost eyelashes and when they are lost, quicker growth.

I personally use Walmart’s generic lavender baby oil (mild formula). It costs only $2.47 for a 14 oz. bottle, so it fits well into my Army budget. Much more cost effective than going out and buying a product that is mind-blowingly expensive, right?

Not a great picture, but hey you get the point!

Not a great picture, but hey you get the point!

All I simply do is:

1. Remove my makeup – I use Pond’s Cold Cream with a washcloth and it too works wonders!

2. Wash my face. *Wash your face accordingly to your skin type. This is vital to keeping away blemishes!

3. Get a Q-tip and gently squeeze the bottle of baby oil on the end of it until it is moistened.

4. Do a sweeping motion along the top and bottom lash line. This part is actually quite relaxing for me. 🙂

5. Flip the Q-tip to the other end and repeat steps 3 and 4 on the other eye. *You’ll want to use the other end of the Q-tip on the other eye for sanitary reasons. That way you prevent anything you might have in one eye from transferring to the other!

* I personally have sensitive skin and have no problems doing this. However, do test it on one eye before doing it on both!

Sadly with things like this, you have to have patience and work on making it a routine. But if you do, the results are well worth it! So go ahead and give it a try!