Love: A Marine Engagement


Photos have a special place in my heart – especially when it’s a military couple. Seriously, you might as well be tugging on my heartstings if you show me one. I get kind of sappy, sentimental and happy all at the same time. I blame it on having a common bond with the couple in the photo. As military spouses, we sign up for the possible months of deployments ahead, the weeks of them being gone out at training and the constant ups and downs of them serving. And even if they are away, if you stop and look at the photos, memories quickly rush back into thought. That’s what I love about photos.

So, a couple of weeks ago it was Blair’s and my turn to capture some memories. Getting excited, I started to look around at what adorable military couple photos are out there. And before I knew it, I stumbled upon a photo shoot that a fellow high school classmate of mine had taken. I instantly “oohed” and “aahed” over them. Lauren Going, the photographer of this Marine couple, captured their engagement to a tee. Take a look below to see what the talented Going captured!

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To see more of Lauren’s photos, head over to L’amour Fou Photography’s page! And stay tuned for a sneak peek of some of Blair’s and my photos done by the talented Marjorie at Sugar Lilies Photography –  hopefully to be posted sometime this week! 🙂


*Please note the watermarks on Lauren’s photos. Lots of love and time goes into each photo and deserves to be respected. To find out more on photo copyrights, check out Marjorie’s latest blog post , “Copywhat!?“.


The happiest place on earth.


That’s all I need to say. It is the happiest place on earth where dreams really do come true… And as a true Disney fan, I find engagement photos taken there to be more than simply adorable, but light-hearted and fun.

For Maggie and Alex, Disneyland created the perfect backdrop for their engagement photos taken by Los Angeles wedding photographer Chelsea Elizabeth!

Engagement photos not only perserve pre-wedding memories, but allow the couple to get familiar with their photographer and try different looks out before the wedding. After all, brides, I know you don’t want your future husband looking too goofy in your wedding pictures! So, guys put on your best smile and love your girl with all of your heart. I promise you that it will truly make her happy!

Here are a few of Maggie and Alex’s Disneyland engagement photos. You can check out more of their great photos here!

…and they lived happily ever after.

❤ Lauren