A Fresh Cut – Going Short

Short Hair.

I did it – I cut my hair. And no, I didn’t cry! I figure it will grow back, and since I’ve been letting it grow out for the last few months, it was time for some change.

Enter my inspiration: Julianne Hough and her Safe Haven haircut. *JAW DROP*

It’s seriously chic, edgy and fresh. And it’s exactly what I wanted after walking around with long hair like practically every other girl. I’m not the type to dye my hair over and over, so I’ve always gravitated towards just chopping my locks off. I’ve had long long hair, pixie short hair and styles in between – and I’ve got to say that this is probably one of my favorite haircuts of all time.

haircutinspiration copy

If you are in the Fort Lewis area, definitely head down South to downtown Olympia for your haircut. Lindsey Hammer, a talented sylist at Salon Paixao, gave me this new haircut and I sure do love it!


P.S. Here is a before and after of my hair!


Long hair isn’t always better! 🙂


What Big Eyelashes You Have!

Okay. Okay.

I’m not going to lie – I do have naturally long eyelashes (thanks to my beautiful mama!), but I’m all for making them even longer and healthier! And with it being the new year, I’ve been trying to stay on top of keeping my skin and hair in good condition before they naturally start going downhill with age.

Like most girls, I love my mascara and liquid eyeliner, but I can tell they definitley take a toll on my lashes. Lost eyelashes are not uncommon for me – and by lost I mean they straight up fall out.

So what do I do to keep them healthy and grow? I rub baby oil on my eyelashes!

Now that might seem weird, but I can tell you that over the past month of doing this religiously before I go to bed that it has worked wonders. I’ve noticed even longer and thicker lashes, less lost eyelashes and when they are lost, quicker growth.

I personally use Walmart’s generic lavender baby oil (mild formula). It costs only $2.47 for a 14 oz. bottle, so it fits well into my Army budget. Much more cost effective than going out and buying a product that is mind-blowingly expensive, right?

Not a great picture, but hey you get the point!

Not a great picture, but hey you get the point!

All I simply do is:

1. Remove my makeup – I use Pond’s Cold Cream with a washcloth and it too works wonders!

2. Wash my face. *Wash your face accordingly to your skin type. This is vital to keeping away blemishes!

3. Get a Q-tip and gently squeeze the bottle of baby oil on the end of it until it is moistened.

4. Do a sweeping motion along the top and bottom lash line. This part is actually quite relaxing for me. 🙂

5. Flip the Q-tip to the other end and repeat steps 3 and 4 on the other eye. *You’ll want to use the other end of the Q-tip on the other eye for sanitary reasons. That way you prevent anything you might have in one eye from transferring to the other!

* I personally have sensitive skin and have no problems doing this. However, do test it on one eye before doing it on both!

Sadly with things like this, you have to have patience and work on making it a routine. But if you do, the results are well worth it! So go ahead and give it a try!


The fairest of them all.


Happy Friday, everyone! Now, the question is what bride doesn’t want to be beautiful on their wedding day?! And the fact is that every bride does! But one of the most common problems I see coming between a bride and her dreams is . . . the BUDGET.

Before anyone cues the sympathy music, I have a suggestion for you, budget-conscious brides, to remember when looking for that extra hair accesory to make you even that more beautiful for your husband-to-be and everyone attending.

If you are watching your pockets, Etsy, an online marketplace focused on handmade goods, has a great wedding section!

And if you aren’t a budget-conscious bride, I would recommend an online accessory store called Untamed Petals. Their bridal accessories are beyond adorable!

Both websites are perfect for modern brides looking for a classic twist, so I’ve matched up the following goods to compare the price differences!

Left: Etsy’s Greek Goddess Silvery Headband – Price: $15

Right: Untamed Petal’s Embellished Velvet Leaf Headband – Price: $135

Left: Untamed Petal’s Mini Embellished Lace Flower – Price: $145

Right: Etsy’s Ivory Bridal Wedding Flower Clip – Price: $24

Left: Untamed Petal’s Garden Flower Headband – Price: $215

Right & Middle: Etsy’s Grace Champagne Ivory Peony Hair Flower – Price: $30

Left: Etsy’s Simone Crystal Headband – Price: $80

Right: Untamed Petal’s Mini Oval Chain Headband – Price: $145

Left: Untamed Petal’s Mini Embellished Silk Rose – Price: $155

Right: Etsy’s White Velvety Rose with White Feathers – Price: $46

Left: Etsy’s Ivory Lace Headband – Price: $30

Right: Untamed Petal’s Vintage Lace Headband – Price: $52

Keep in mind that Etsy is a marketplace and goods go fast, especially if they’re a great steal! With Untamed Petals, you might not have to worry so much about that. Just have fun and remember to keep your budget in mind at all times! Starting a marriage on a tight budget because you spent too much putting together the wedding is never a good idea!

…and they lived happily ever after.

❤ Lauren