Taken by Marjorie at Sugar Lilies Photography – Marjorie is a fellow Army wife too! Nothing like supporting fellow military wives!


I’m Lauren Draper, ex-Army wife, new mama and registered nurse determined to enlighten fellow spouses on the crazy world we live in.

As a married 24-year-old and the mother to a puppy boy named Costello and a little man named Luca, I strive to balance my whirlwind of a life while still enjoying the little things.

When it comes to being a spouse, military or civilian, it’s all about being squared away – but don’t worry!

I’m here to:

  • welcome you to the military spouse sisterhood!
  • help you understand the terms, rules and craziness of the military lifestyle
  • push you to create a home away from home – that’s extremely important to our soldiers!
  • make the transition to civilian life
  • & help you enjoy the little things in life

Shortly after my husband left for OSUT, I was instantly confused by this new world I was in. The military lifestyle is different than anything most of us have ever experienced. Yet, I hope that through this site, I can help you make the switch smoothly.

There are no longer any reasons to worry or be confused! I don’t want any more newbie military wives feeling overwhelmed like how I felt – so welcome and feel free to explore and ask questions!

mypromiseI promise… to help enlighten fellow military wives by connecting them to the abundance of knowledge our military sisterhood has to make them a savvier woman, wife, mother and friend.

comeonboardNeed some help understanding something, but it’s not on the site? Have some information to share? Or want to work with me? Email me at therealsweetheartblog@gmail.com!

wheretherealsweetheartThe Real Sweetheart comes from being our significant other’s love. Though thick and thin, we have vowed to be by our spouses – we are their “real sweetheart”!


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Sherry Black says:

    Looking forward to watching all your successes in this new venture! Enjoy every minute. Listen to your heart and go, go, go…

  2. Blair Draper says:

    You are adorable and I think you have a real knack for these kind of things! I hope that you continue to do what you’re passionate about regardless of what anyone thinks or says. “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.” ❤

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