Week 5 – How To Relax During a PCS!

Play, Laugh & Smile.


Great site to plan a road trip! *Week 5 of A Month to PCS at The Real Sweetheart*

Those three things are key to a relaxing and fun PCS. With the overall process being a tad stressful on everyone, including the kiddos, why not make one of the last steps of the journey a fun one?! So, try out a few of the suggestions below on your next PCS to make it a special, fun and relaxing one!

  • Make your PCS into a Road Trip.

*Try using roadtrippers.com – it’s an amazing site that not only gives you the directions, but also has entertainment, food, historical place suggestions and more! I’m not saying you have to stop at every sight seeing place, but try a couple to make memories!

  • Consider taking extra leave during a PCS.

*Now this one may seem weird, especially considering your spouse is probably taking PCS leave (Permissive TDY) already, but taking an extra 5 days of personal leave can make the PCS more enjoyable due to an extended time frame.

  • Instead of staying at a hotel overnight, try meeting up with family in an area.

*On our way up to Fort Lewis from Reno, we stopped at Blair’s Aunt’s and Uncle’s place in Klamath Falls and stayed the night. Not only was it nice to catch up with them, but also nice to feel welcomed by family in the middle of our move.

  • Pack games or make up games to play in the car.

*This is one that I loved to do when I was younger – the license plate game. Seriously it had me on lookout for hours. What you do is write down the 50 states on a piece of paper, then every time you see a state license plate you check it off your list. Plates from outside of the states like British Columbia were extra points. I never saw an Alaska plate when I was little and it infuriated me! Anywho, just an idea – try this or make one up of your own! Any games are fun!

A fun little box of questions to ask on the road!

A fun little box of questions to ask on the road!

  • Try making road trip question cards or buying some.

*Table Topics conversation starters are too fun! Years ago I bought a set of these to ask my dad questions about the ’70s at dinner time. It was funny to see how he answered, and interesting to see what he would laugh or smile about! Try picking up a Family Edition set or one of their many other fun sets! Both you and your kids will be laughing and (best of all) talking!

So I want to know – what do you do to make a PCS more relaxed or enjoyable?


*I can’t believe it’s already been 5 weeks since I started this series and with it being the last post of *A Month of PCS*, stay tuned for June’s mini series going to be announced next Monday! Have a great weekend!

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