DIY: A cup of tea, please

Cacti Teacups.

Happy Friday! Today’s DIY project is a simple project that adds a sassy touch to any wedding. Cacti teacups are not only adorable, but can easily be turned into wedding favors for your guests! It is an easy and fast project, especially if you have your bridal party helping! So check it out! The hardest part is holding yourself back from buying all of the teacups!

The Treasures
I found my teacups at an antique store in Reno, Nevada called Junkees. I absolutely love shopping there, but it is super easy to lose track of my budget.

-So, always keep your wedding budget in mind!-

Look around for the perfect teacups or even gravy boats that fit your wedding theme! Don’t you just love the texture and colors of mine?!  

After finding your perfect teacups, the next step is to buy the cacti succulents to put in them.

-You can find them at Lowe’s, Home Depot or buy them by bulk online.- 

By playing around with the different colors and shapes, you are adding another layer of texture to your table arrangement!


I love the purple tips and frosty green color of these cacti!


Too cute, right?!

The Supplies

You’re going to need:

-teacups or any other form of container (like the gravy boat) *The number of how many you’ll need will depend on the number of tables you’ll have!

-cacti succulents *Play around with the colors and textures. The more variety, the more pleasing to the eye!

-little rocks/pebbles *To save money, I just went searching out in my front yard for some.

-potting soil *I bought Perlite potting soil, which is meant for smaller potted plants. But after opening it, I found that it was completely white.

So, I ran back to the store and bought a compost soil, then mixed them together.   

First Step: Wash teacups/containers. Then add a few small rocks to the bottom of the cup.

*The rocks allow the water to evaporate because there are no draining holes. If you want draining holes, just grab a small drill bit and put a couple of holes in the bottom.

Be careful though! Teacups are delicate after all!

Second Step: Place 1/4 of a cup of your soil mixture over the rocks. Then loosen the roots of one your cacti and place in the teacup.

-Play around with the position of the cactus to what you like, but remember to be gentle!-

After you get the cactus to where you want it to be, firmly pack some more of your soil mixture around it.

Tip: This can get messy, so place newspaper on your work table before you get started!

-I put the latest issue of the Nevada Sagebrush (University of Nevada, Reno’s newspaper) down. Sorry, Sagebrush! It was a good issue though!- 

Final Product

Aren’t they beautiful? Not only are they easy to make, but are a simple chic additional to any table arrangement.

Whether your wedding theme is vintage chic or Southwestern rustic, these adorable table arrangements add an element of whimsy for your guests.

-They also make great wedding favors!-

I took my teacups and placed them on a wooden table to add another texture layer. 

By adding different heights to the table (candles and the scale), you can enhance your pretty teacups even more!

This table would look adorable with ivory-colored lace and crisp white dishware.

Adding hints of purple and blue in the napkin linens will bring out the beautiful colors in the cacti, too!

A Southwestern rustic wedding would look adorable with white teacups placed on upside down terracotta pots on a rustic wooden table set with a Southwest table runner. 

Adding fiesta colors (turquoise stones and chili peppers) would pump up the visual appeal even more!

-Just remember to play around and have fun! Being too serious during the planning leads to a stressful wedding.-

…and they lived happily ever after.

❤ Lauren

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