What to Know For Homecomings


Hello all🙂 I am writing this blog post on my flight to Little Rock! That’s right today I get to see my airman! I just saw him about 3 weeks ago, but when your airman gets back from deployment they … Continue reading

How to Make a Care Package + Some Cute Ideas!


Hello! This post is all about care packages and what you’ll need! These were seriously so fun to make and I loved putting them together for Taylor. I would try to make them as great as I could and would … Continue reading

Deployment Communication


Hello again all! Oh how I am so very excited for this post!! Communication is so important during a deployment. For Taylor and I, we are used to making sure we call and Skype each other as much as we … Continue reading

Preparing for Deployments and the Day After


Alrighty! Much needed block leave came up so I’ve been enjoying my time with Blair.🙂 But now the schedule for this week will be packed with lots of information so make sure to keep up! There just might be a … Continue reading

Part 1 – Redoing our Bedroom!


King Size Bed. That’s where it all began. A Living Social deal too good to pass up came our way and we jumped on top of it. A memory foam mattress – king size- for $394? SCORE! And since then … Continue reading

A Deployment Overview

Stay tuned for Kaitlin's Week 2 post next Thursday - and for Army Wife guest blogger Marjorie's first post soon! Exciting things happening here at The Real Sweetheart! -Lauren

Hello all!🙂 First, a quick overview about me and then onto the first post for Becoming Deployment Champs! My name is Kaitlin Haugen. I am 20 years old, a full-time student at the University of Nevada in Reno and am … Continue reading

Becoming Deployment Champs – June Series


Champions. After this this month’s series, you’ll be exactly that – deployment champs. So without further ado, I’m excited to introduce the June Series at The Real Sweetheart: Becoming Deployment Champs! Not only are we doing a new series, but … Continue reading

Paleo 3 Berry Sorbet Recipe


Seriously Fresh & Seriously Yummy! Blair and I have been trying to gradually switch our eating style over to Paleo – a.k.a. primal, caveman diet, no grain. So far it’s  been an amazing lifestyle change and one that we both … Continue reading

Week 5 – How To Relax During a PCS!


Play, Laugh & Smile. Those three things are key to a relaxing and fun PCS. With the overall process being a tad stressful on everyone, including the kiddos, why not make one of the last steps of the journey a … Continue reading

DIY Bedside Flowers


Fresh Flowers. There is nothing quite like getting beautiful fresh flowers. And then again, there is nothing quite like the smell and mess dead flowers make. So to be able to have them for a long time, I made a … Continue reading